Reflective Collective
Reflective Collective

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Have you ever wondered what you would look like in a parallel dimension? Well, you’re not alone. Technology has changed drastically in the year 2222; Scientists have developed a way to travel through space and multiple dimensions. With all this new technology, many people began to get curious. They wondered what life was like on other planets, and they let their imagination take over their mind. This is what formed The Reflective Collective; a secret society that has the ability to see parallel versions of themselves. They found a way to use technology for their own benefit and invented a mirror that alters reflections into those of their dimensional counterparts. Join the Reflective Collective today by taking a look into the mirror.

Take a peek into the multiverse and find all of your parallel realities!



We will give away 5 FREE Reflective Collective NFT’s to 5 random holders.


We will raffle off 5 free Hoodies and 5 free Shirts to random holders.


We will give away 1.ETH to 3 random Reflective Collective Holders (1.ETH per person).


We will give away $20,000 dollars to The American Heart Association. We will also give away 1.ETH to 4 random Reflective Collective Holders (1.ETH per person).


We will prepare to launch the Reflective Collective merchandise store. Holders will receive 50% off on all merchandise products in the store. We will also do a floor buyback on our NFT’s on OpenSea.

Our goal is to build a strong community that loves not just art, but fashion as well. We are excited to have Jay Cheri on our team who is not only a digital artist, but she also has a background in fashion design. Our store will be filled with more then just regular merchandise; It will feature custom designed apparel and much more. Which is why we are extremely excited to offer holders 50 percent off the entire marketplace. If you guys like her taste in art, you will love her taste in Fashion. Prepare to be AMAZED!!!

Our Team

Big Dave
Big Dave
Project Lead | Marketing Director

Visual Marketing Specialist, Entrepreneur, Collector and NFT Guru. With over 9 years of visual arts and productions experience, Big Dave managed to transfer his production skills into the marketing industry. Creating and exploring different areas of Branding & Product Development. With his entrepreneur mindset, he was able to assemble a team of highly skilled individuals with a vision to take on the NFT market. “Collecting is a hobby, but being apart of the Collection industry is a dream”. We have BIG plans for “Reflective Collective” and the journey is just beginning.

Jay Cheri
Jay Cheri

Went to school for fashion design at Columbia College Chicago. While there, she took many illustration, digital arts, and sewing courses. She developed a love for design and drawing at a young age; She was inspired by her mother, who passed her sewing and creative passion down to her. Jay Cheri is a talented fashion designer, and is very educated in garment construction. She is also skilled at creating 2D and 3D art. With over 7 years experience in the fashion and digital art industries, she is ready to step into the realm of NFTs.

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